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Na forum: pomoc w sprawdzeniu wypracowań, wyjaœnienie gramatyki i ciekawostki językowe

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Oficjalne forum serwisu "Język angielski online" :)


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Dołączył(a): 26 Lis 2006
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PostWysłany: Nie Lis 26, 2006 1:55 pm Zacytuj zaznaczoneOdpowiedz z cytatem Back to top

Bardzo proszę o pomoc w przetłumaczeniu tych 2 tekstów:)
Z góry Bardzo DZIĘKUJE Very Happy

1) When Chris and Lizzie won a holiday competition they couldn't believe their luck. They flew to maputo, where they met their african guide, Sisa. Sisa drove them in his jeep to the green banks of the great limpopo River. They climbed into a small wooden canoe and began an adventure they would vener forget.

The canoe glided silenty through the limpopo's slowmoving water. Relaxing, Chris and Lizzie looked at all the interesting riverside plants and trees, and the colourful birds which flew across the river. They felt like great explorers in an unknown land.

Just then, an enormous grey crocodile slithered down the muddy bank and slid into the water. The faint splash mode Lizzie jump. " Don't worry, Lizzie," Sisa said. " There are plenty of crocodiles around, but they are not a danger to us." But Lizzie was right to feel nervous; a minute later they noticed not one, but at least ten other crocodiles swimming towards the canoe!

Plunging his oar into the water, Sisa quickly began rowing the canoe away from danger ... but the crocodiles followd. Chris grabbed the other oar and started to beat the water furiously, trying to scare them off. The narrow boat rocked dangerously, causing Lizzie to scream in panic. Suddenly, they were surrounded by a dozen pairs of snapping jaws which crunched and smashed both oars to pieces. Now there seemed to be no escape!

At that moment, a large fishing boat appeared. Hearing the terrified cries of the people in the canoe, the boat's captain realised what was happening. Immediately, he ordered his crew to throw some of the fish they had caught that day back into the river. Smelling the fish, the crocodiles swam towards the middle of the river, where a much easier meal was waiting for them. Thanks to the captain's quick thinking, Sisa and his friends were rescued just in time.

Safely on board the fishing boat, Chris pulled two rather wet postcards from his pocket. Smiling, he said, " At least we have a story to tell our friends back in England." "That's for sure," Lizzie replied, "but do you think they'll believe us?'

2) If you are looking for a magical holiday, why not visit the beautiful island of Bali? It is the kind of place that holiday-makers dream about.
According to legend, the King of Java created Bali when he sent his disobedient son away. The king watched his son walk away and wauted until he disappeared into the distance. Then, he drew a line in the sand. The seas flooded over the land and joined at this line, separating the king’s land from his son;s forever. The prince was lucky. He inherited Bali – the nearest thing to paradise on earth.
The heavenly island of Bali is set in the warm, blue Java sea. It is one of several indonesian islands south of borneo. The island is tiny and you can reach any part of it in a day. The way of life there is relaxed and the people are king and gentle, so it’s the perfect place to forget about the stresses of everyday life.
Bali is very remote, so it was the secret holiday destination of rich people for many years. They knew that on Bali they could escape from the crowds if tourists who filed more popilar resorts. But nothing remains a secret for long. Soon, luxurious hotels and private villas were built for the increasing numbers of bisitors to the peaceful little island.
There is water everywhere in Bali. There are tumbling waterfalls, glittering pools and, of course , the clear, blue sea. The people of Bali lobe being in the water and they wash in the waterfalls and canals every day.
There is no doubt about its charms. With its peaceful atmosphere, luxurious hotels, friendly people and spectacular scenery, Bali is the perfect place for a relaxing holiday.
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Dołączył(a): 15 Maj 2006
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Skąd: Bolechowo pod Poznaniem

PostWysłany: Pon Lis 27, 2006 1:08 am Zacytuj zaznaczoneOdpowiedz z cytatem Back to top

Może coś od siebie? Nikt całego zadania za ciebie nie zrobi, bo nie mamy tyle czasu. Słownik w garść i come on Wink

Prawdziwą porażką nie jest przegrać, ale nie podjąć walki w ogóle.
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Dołączył(a): 03 Mar 2006
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PostWysłany: Pon Lis 27, 2006 7:08 am Zacytuj zaznaczoneOdpowiedz z cytatem Back to top

Wcześniej był tu tylko jeden tekst. Zaczęłam go tłumaczyć, ale jak po odświeżeniu zobaczyłam, że wkleiłeś kolejny, darowałam sobie.

Angielski online | Korepetycje
Uwaga! Usuwamy prośby o odrobienie pracy domowej i sprawdzenie tłumaczenia wykonanego translatorem
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